How to sell on Uza Soko Classifieds

1 Register

Step one is to Register using your e-mail / Username and phone number (or select continue with Facebook option). We only accept correct details from all sellers, so that clients could reach you easily.

2. Take good and clear photos of your items.

Clear photos will always attract more customers so make at most five clear photos using your smartphone. You will use these photos while posting your item on the site.

3. Click on Post Ad / Post an Ad.

While posting, choose a proper category, upload your photos and write a clear title and full description of your item. To sell faster enter a fair price, select attributes and post your advert. we will review then publish it in the shortest time.

4. Your Phone Should always be On and Available.

After your advert goes live be ready to receive calls and messages from clients. Answer them properly to convert them into buyers.Sell more and make more money.

Bonus Tips to sell much faster!

1. Be clear with your description

As we mentioned above good photos of your items sell faster as well as clear and detailed description.

2. Be reachable Always

Don’t make your buyers wait for your feed back for a long time.

3. Use Premium Services by promoting your Adverts for more customers!

When you promote / sponsor your adverts, they will appear at the top of the page and you will sell much faster.