How to buy on Uza Soko Classifieds

1. Search for the item.

Use the Search Panels and Filters to search for what you need to buy. Make sure you only chose what you are exactly looking for.

2. Contact a seller.

Call / Whatsapp / SMS the seller who advertised the item, ask if the item is in a good condition/new or second hand, negotiate about the price.

3. Go get your item or Request for a delivery.

Always stay safe, meet the seller in a public place, confirm whether the item delivered is the right one, pay then thank the seller.

4. Leave your feedback about the seller.

Rate, Comment or thank the seller on the Uza Soko Classifieds about your purchase. We will publish your feedback online on the seller’s page and will be very helpful for other buyers.

Your support on building a safe and a professional business community will be highly appreciated.